John Turner, Founder Member of CNPGC and Union President  for 2017

Dear Member,

It is often said that life is full of surprises and being nominated to become president of the Halifax, Huddersfield & District Union of Golf Clubs for 2017 was certainly one of those incredible moments for me.

As a founder member of the youngest club in our Union, Crow Nest Park, I never expected that this tremendous honor would be bestowed on what for some, even in our local metropolis, is a somewhat hidden gem of a golf club. For me personally the privilege of this most prestigious appointment is unequalled. Without the support of my family and the officials and members of Crow Nest Park taking on this role would have been unthinkable. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A few externally have grudgingly over the years accepted and acknowledged the qualities of our Club. Those, however, who have been to the Club such as the Yorkshire PGA, the Union itself, local Past Captains, YRGA, HHDRGA, representative teams at all levels, thousands of visitors and of course our members and their families and guests over the years know we have a product of which we are richly proud. External doubters are now very few in number. Our growing reputation can only be advanced by my appointment.

I will continue my active role at the Club during this year as well as my other external golf related activities.

I look forward to continuing to work with all the Club Officials, the Board, members and owners of the Club during the year ahead for the benefit of this truly wonderful Club. Finally I wish everyone continued success and above all else good health and continued enjoyment of this game that we all love.

John Turner
HHDUGC President 2017

Crow Nest Park Golf Club is a participating member of The Halifax and Huddersfield District Union of Golf Clubs.

As an active member of the Union our members take part in many Union events and competitions throughout the year.

To learn more about the Union and their events and fixtures, either click on our calendar of events or visit the Union`s website directly –

The website highlights all aspects of the Union, from junior golf to scratch level matches. You can also find competition entry forms for the Union events and championships, which are held throughout the year.

Crow Nest Park is just one of a number of clubs who are members of the union.

The other member clubs are as follows:

Bradley Park
Crosland Heath
Dewsbury District
Halifax (Ogden)
Halifax Bradley Hall
Halifax West End
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