HowDidiDo is the largest network of golfers anywhere in the world. Holding more than 23 million rounds of golf along with the handicaps, results and scores of over 1,300,000 men and women.

Those statistics allow any golfer to analyse his/her game and compare performance with other players their own club or across the entire 1.3 million golfers whose seventeen million rounds are recorded in the HowDidiDo system.

Registration to HowDidiDo is required to check Handicap Lists or Competition Results. This FREE service is available to any golf club whose administrators use the market leading CLUB2000 software from Club Systems International and therefore any of their members too.
Over 1,900 golf clubs currently use the HowDidiDo site. If your club isn’t one of those, contact your club’s handicap committee, the service is FREE and welcomes new members daily.