Served 10am-12 noon

Bacon sandwich £2.85

Lincolnshire Sausage Sandwich £2.85

Bacon and Sausage £3.10

Add egg/ tomato/ mushroom 30p per item

2 slices of toast with jam £1.50

Full English £6.50


Cold Sandwiches

With salad garnish and crisps

Cheese Savoury £4.25

Egg Mayo £4.25

Roast Beef £4.75

Roast Ham £4.75

Tuna Mayo £4.75

Prawn Marie Rose £5.25

Hot Sandwiches £6.50

Served with chips and salad

Braising Steak on Crusty Bread

Fish Finger Butty with Chunky Tartare

Med Veg and Goat’s Cheese melt

Tuna Melt

Ham and Brie


Served with chips and salad

‘The Par’ £6.60
Plain Burger, no fuss

‘The BCBC’ £7.50
Blue cheese, bacon and chutney

‘The Chicken one’ £8.80
Chicken, lettuce, tomato and paprika mayo

‘The Meat Free’ £7.25
Vegetable Burger, lettuce, tomato, onion and sweet chilli mayo  

‘The Albatross’ £10.00
2 Burgers, bacon, cheese, lettuce and mayo


Antipasti £6.50

Loaded Garlic Bread £4.95

Loaded Potato Skins £6.00

Chilli Nachos and Cheese £5.50

Cheesy Chips £2.50

Chilli Cheesy Chips  £4.00